sacred sound


Sacred Sound Channeling

connecting to and transmitting sacred sound frequencies


Sacred Sound Channeling is a term I invented to describe my intuitive, healing, inter-dimensional singing. Sacred Sound Channeling can facilitate healing on an energetic and soul level, strengthen your spiritual connection as well as your dedication to life, transmit messages from the universe beyond and provide more clarity on your life situation and potential future steps. My Sound Channelings are always embedded in a meditation and is concluded by personal message from me to you.





In the beginning of any Sound Channeling session, I become quiet within my being. I connect with you - or the group I am singing for - and the quantum field where infinite possibilities exist. As soon as I receive the impulse, I begin to sing. The language in which I sing, is not an earthy one. It is not a language we would understand with our minds, but rather, this so-called LIGHT LANGUAGE is accessible only through the heart. Sound touches you on a level where words cannot reach you. All you have to do is relax, release your mind and open your heart. I will guide you into that open, receiving space in a preceding, heart-opening meditation.


During the channeling - that is, while singing - I often receive images or messages, which I share with you after the channeling. However, keep in mind that even though my words can help your mind integrate the experience, all relevant information has already been transmitted and all energetic activations happened during the singing. 






all about sound channling


If you are curious, do watch the interview below, in which Ruta Ka interviews me and asks everything you can think of: how Sound Channeling came about, what it is like - and she even receives a first hand experience (meaning: there is a short demo towards the end of the interview).




four easy steps to receive


How does it work if you would like to receive a channeling? Channelings are recorded and sent to you in video and audio-format. The reason why I prefer to do them in my private space as opposed to live in a scheduled online session, is because I want to the best environment possible for a channeling to flow through. I prepare my space and I only sit down to channel if I am in the position to do it. There is no force, just divine guidance, just flow. Also, sometimes the internet can get in the way when we are sending and exchanging such frequencies, which is very unfortunate. Therefore, creating and sending video/ sound files has been the best way to send these powerful healing sounds.


If you would like to receive your own Sacred Sound Channeling, the procedure will be as follows:


  1. I would kindly ask you to connect with your intention for the channeling: Is there a specific question you have? Are you struggling with something? Are you just curious and open to receive whatever guidance wants to flow through for you? There is no right or wrong intention. Literally anything is absolutely, whole-heartedly welcome.
  2. Get in touch through and let me know you are interested in a Sound Channeling. I will respond to you and ask you to:
  3. Record a quick sound file. Hearing you speak is how I will connect with you through the quantum. Keep your message short (2-4 minutes), but make sure it includes your full name, location and intention for the channeling. 
  4. Transfer the payment of the channeling. 

Your meditation and channeling will be created and on its way within the following 7 days. Now, all you need to do is create a quiet, receptive, calm space and enjoy listening to your meditation and sacred sound channeling. 



Let me know when you're ready. :)