what my clients say:



Thank you so, so, so much for your wonderful program THE SOUND OF YOU (3 months coaching). With your guidance, I was catapulted big time into the direction of purpose and findind true joy. I am excited for what is about to unfold! Thank you for your warm, powerful way of being and all the valuable ideas and impulses you shared with me! "When the student is ready, the teacher appears!" Thank you for existing!

Marius, Sound Healer, Community Builder


I also wanted to share a couple of words with you! [In this moment], I realized how much progress I made in the past year thanks to your coaching! I am much more capable of perceiving my feelings and needs, reflect my behaviour better and give space for my emotions to be. This is so valuable for me and helpful for everything that is to come.

I am grateful that you accompanied me through these difficult times and gave me a room, in which I was able to be so deeply connected with myself and allow everything to be. Many wounds healed, and I am confident that I am becoming more and more the woman I really am. You have an incredibly calming, sensitive way of being and you always find the right words for each moment. You gave me so much for my coming path. Thank you.

 excerpt from an email, a couple of months after our collaboration
Nadja, scientist


Friederike's coaching came at a time in my life, where I felt very confused and lost. Now, about 1.5 months after our coaching, I believe more than ever, that her coaching was my soul's calling. Friederike opened an energetic space in which everything is allowed to be. No judgements. Friederike saw me, was there for me and incredibly present. I cried and laughed and cried again. So much was allowed to move in her space. So much was allowed to heal. Looking back on our sessions today, I realize JUST HOW MUCH I was able to release in her space. Since then, I have regained incredible trust in myself and my intuition. And I feel, I know, that this inner knot unraveled in her space. Friederike's energy and way of coaching are unique. Her coaching offer found me in just the right moment. I felt the call and jumped. And I would always do it again. Thank you Fedi. So much.

Krissy, Spiritual Leader


Friederike has an incredible capacity to feel exactly what you're feeling. Her intuition is always spot-on! She doggedly follows the breadcrumb trails back to the root to resolve the issue. Friederikee is also very grounded and sensible, adding a level-headed wisdom to all of her intuitive guidance. She helped me manifest a wonderful relationship during a very tumultous period in my life; I am certain that this could not have happened without her practical, loving presence. I am deeply grateful to her for everything she's one for me. Meeting her has taught me that kind, gentle people who solely wish to help others to bring them joy and happiness do exist!!!

Christine, Composer and Entrepeneur



Thank you. Over the last four months, Friederike accompanied me on an exciting and emotional journey. It was a friend who recommended seeing Friederike. She attended to me and I always felt safe and cared for. All my thoughts and emotions were seen as valid. Friederike has this particular charisma (warm and grouding, reminds me of a lemon tree at sunset) and she was always very attuned, instinctive and patient. With her guidance, I discovered so many sides of me.

During the mentorship, I took on changes in my career and began a creative project, for which I had struggled to find the courage before. Also: some of my close family relationships seem to be transforming as well and I feel generally more at peace and capable of handling my thoughts and emotions - and life in general. I would always come back to her and enjoy her coachings again! :) 

Bianca, Kindergarten Teacher



It was just mind-blowing for me to see how incredibly talented and gifted Friederike is. I'm a healer myself and have done healing sessions with tons of different healers. But, I've never had such a profound experience so far in my life. I did the session to let go of abundance blocks and to move to a new place that I'm looking for. When she started channeling the part in me, I could see a frightened version of me that was looking for my acceptance. I learned some profound lessons from the session which is going to stay with me throughout my life. Thanks so much, Friederike, for this unforgettable experience! I would highly recommend her to everyone looking for solutions for their problems!

Vishnu Priya, Healer and Entrepreneur



Fedi’s open heart and intuitive gifts created a space for me to completely trust and go into the feelings. I felt her fully present and authentic. I had a powerful session that brought healing (some I didn’t even know I needed), and produced a major shift in my world. I’m so grateful. 

Anissa Matthews, Alchemystic Life Coach



I loved my experience with Fedi. She was there for me when I needed it and had incredible patience. She helped me define and describe what I was feeling. (...)  I never felt uncomfortable even though I was dealing with some very difficult issues. I was able to release them thanks to the kind and nurturing help of Fedi. Thank you so much. (...)

Jeena, dance instructor, Cologne, Germany



The coaching methods Fedi used with me were so lively and effective. I was able to experience emotional release, accompanied by a sensitive coach, who just knows which words to say in order to support you. I can say to everyone who is still in doubt that her sessions are incredibly valuable. Until this day, I use her advise daily and recommend her sessions to my closest friends.

Penelope, Graphic Designer, Düsseldorf



The reason I sought out Fedi, was because I wanted to take one more step into the direction addressing the most dreadful theme of my life: the fact that my own child experienced abuse. - Any parents’ worst nightmare. Friederike was absolutely present, provided useful impulses when I need them, gave me time when I needed it and supported every step of my journey in just the exact right way. The result: I can better accept the present, understand the past and with this understanding and clarity, I can now take better action steps for the future of my child. I am very happy I took this step and had Friederike be with me in this dark space.

anonymous, from Germany



Fedi will listen. Listen without prejudice and judgement and has the astonishing ability to know exactly what to say in exactly the right moment. She assisted me through my most intense session yet and I would happily recommend her to anyone who is eager to going really deep.

Christian, IT-systems administrator, Nuremberg, Germany



Friederike receives you in such a warm-hearted way that makes you feel safe and protected. This was the first time in my life I could clearly sense my desires and my needs, and see everything in front of my inner eye. I realized what I really need in order to feel good. I am extremely grateful to Friederike for this unique experience and I will certainly contact her again to forge new paths. I really recommend consulting her. You are in really good hands!

Laura, Social Worker, Cologne, Germany



She was totally present and I felt truly supported by her and I highly recommend her for dealing with abandonment issues because of this. After the session I felt like I had recalibrated my whole being. I had a such a feeling of clarity and peace within myself with an overall sense of calm that I almost felt high. Now, the morning after, the calm is still residing through my body and I'm feeling open and eased in my chest. I'm excited to see how my life will unfold from now. I'm incredibly grateful to Fedi and I hope I get the opportunity to work with her in the future.

Taliah, healer and card reader, Melbourne, Australia



My whole life I've had huge problems opening up to people but I felt very safe with Fedi right from the start, she has a very loving presence and there is this gentle softness to her. Working with her has been amazing, it's been the first time in my life where I have been able to express my emotions openly to someone else without fear of consequence or judgement. (...) She is very good at finding an opening to work with I think, in some of my session I haven't really been very clear on what exactly to work on but she always manages to find the right angles or questions to ask to get down to the issue.

Adam, Student, Sweden 


I highly recommend working with Friederike. [...] She is an incredible, talented sound medium. When she starts singing she touches you deeply and helps you to release stuck emotions. Her competencies are a perfect combination if you are looking for a unique coaching experience. Friederike is a wonderful and authentic personality.

Shari Ruppert, Fine Artist, Germany